Environmental Services

Having an implementation of HSE policy in your company allows you to stay safe from any mishaps happening onsite and thereby increases your credibility in your client's opinion. Earthood offers a full range of environmental engineering, consulting, and construction services including site remediation, ecosystems management, and waste management. applying innovative, creative, and value-based approaches is integral to every project we work on. Earthood saves you money and time by focusing efforts that balance practicality, regulatory requirement and cost-effectiveness. We do this by using assessment approaches that focus on site investigations, and by acting as your advocate while providing effective regulatory interaction and negotiation approaches. We employ innovative field testing methods to streamline investigations and reduce analytical costs. In addition, we have tie-ups with certified analytical laboratory that enables us to provide specialized testing and quick turnaround times


ESPL team is devoted to the anticipation, recognition, evaluation, and control of those environmental factors or stresses arising in or from the workplace, which may cause sickness, impaired health, and well-being, or significant discomfort among workers of your Industry. There will be several job hazards occurred in your industry which may affect the health of your employees. ESPL will recognize and assess those health hazard and recommend the remediation strategies and help you secure your employee’s health.

The type of job hazards we consider in our Occupational Industrial Hygiene service are:

  • Air Contaminants : Any change in the air quality around you can be due to various air contaminants. These air contaminants could be in solid, liquid or gaseous phase. Potential health effect of such air contamination could be asthma, bronchitis, emphysema, and possibly cancer, depending on the level of exposure. ESPL provides service of source apportionment for the air contaminants released in or near your area. Our experienced air quality experts will also provide you with remediation strategies in order to combat the air pollution in the most sustainable way.
  • Chemical Hazards : In our process of identifying the exposure, problem, and risk, we carefully examine the work environment and analyse to see if your workforce is exposed to any chemical compounds in the form of solid, liquids, gases, mist, fumes, and vapours that exert toxic effects by inhalation, absorption or ingestion. The degree of worker risk from exposure to any given substance depends on the nature and potency of the toxic effects and the magnitude and duration of exposure, hence we will carefully determine the potential impact of the risk imposed due to different chemical hazards.
  • Biological Hazards : These types of hazards are most dangerous in nature and vulnerable workforce for these type of hazards is one which deals with plants or animals products. Other than these, any biological contamination also increases the risk of getting affected by the other type of hazards. Our team of experts will help you to identify the risk and offer various mitigation strategies in order to minimize your vulnerability towards the various biological hazards.
  • Noise : Hearing loss is often pervasive and preventable. Occupational hearing loss occurs if the workforce is exposed to repeated loud noises such as that of machinery. Effects of noise on health are often underestimated as the hearing loss is gradual. ESPL does a comprehensive check in your workplace to help you determine if you are gradually getting affected by the hearing loss induced by the industrial noises. We offer customized and sustainable solutions for reducing the impact of the noises such as using bamboo for the noise reduction.
  • Noise : Other than the industrial sources of the radiation, there are many sources which passively affect the health of the workers such as radiation-emitting electrical equipment. The degree of risk associated with this type of hazard is the highest in all type of hazards. In order to help you decrease your vulnerability towards this hazard, we carefully check all the sources of the radiation and help you remediate with the problem of radiation as a hazard.
  • Vibration : Repeated exposure to high levels of vibration is known to cause injury to workers over time. Based on the level of exposure, there are different types of vibration such as whole body vibration and hand-arm vibration. Exposure to these kinds of vibration can result in sensory nerve damage, carpal tunnel syndrome etc. Our team of experts will help you identify the two types of vibration sources and provide with mitigation strategies to make your workforce more efficient.

Earthood offers its clients an array of assessment services which covers all the domains of environment. We deliver unbound expertise to reduce risks from the project. Our services are driven by market research and regulatory compliance, reducing liability and cost in the process. Our technical experts comes from varied fields of GIS, information management, risk assessment and related fields to give an amalgamation in the form of holistic study using modern technologies.

Services included:

  • Environmental Impact Assessment
  • Integrated Impact Assessment
  • Environmental due diligence
  • Local Habitat / Fauna Impact Assessment
  • Solid / Hazardous Waste Management
  • Ecolabbeling and many more.

Ground Water Service

There is no doubt that at the present level of groundwater extraction, the water table in most part of our country would continue to fall. Per capita availability of water in India has declined from over 3,000 cubic meters (CuM) per year from 1951 to 1,820 CuM in 2015 indicating that India is experiencing severe water stress. So, on your site, if you are not concentrating on your groundwater resource then it’s time to think about it!

Groundwater should be preserved and be used in such a way that will help you to supply the sufficient water in the future in your Industry. Also, for the success of building and underground projects, the level of groundwater must be managed during construction or engineering works, so development and management of groundwater resource is essential for your site.

ESPL Services Private limited has a team of experts in the area of Hydrogeology, Civil Engineering, and Environmental Engineering, having a specific background of Groundwater Management and Development and they offer you services which can help you to solve any kind of problems related to groundwater in a sustainable way. Contact our team today for a successful achievement of your groundwater project. The range of services we can provide:

  • Hydrogeological Investigation:It involves a huge range of survey including Resistivity Survey, Aquifer Characterization, Water-level Monitoring, Water quality monitoring, Ground water flow determination etc. It helps you manage your site’s groundwater in terms of Quality and quantity aspects. ESPL can provide end to end solution for this from survey to report with recommendation and help you to understand your Groundwater scenario in your site area.
  • Groundwater Quality Assessment:Ground water pollution is a major problem in India nowadays. The contamination in ground water causes a variety of diseases in rural areas also for industries it spreads limitlessly in a site. ESPL can help you to manage the level of spreading by a quality assessment of groundwater and aquifer as well. We also provide rural areas a contamination study to mitigate the pollution and recommend you the remediation process. Our services also include the coastal zone salinity monitoring and assessment in coastal areas of India and provide mitigation methods to achieve safe and sustainable ground water.
  • Aquifer Parameter Test: In the case of water supply from Ground water in Industries, Infrastructures and rural areas some necessary tests are required to determine the potential of an aquifer. It includes pumping test, slug test, constant head test etc. ESPL has the best team for aquifer parameter test and provides you with an end to end solution.
  • Aquifer Mapping: Aquifer mapping is a multi-disciplinary holistic scientific approach for aquifer characterization. It leads to aquifer-based groundwater management and it is necessary to develop a strategy for sustainable groundwater management. The team of ESPL in water sector involved in aquifer mapping.
  • Ground Water Modeling: In many cases, it is useful to know about aquifer behavior, in particular relating to its flow velocity, storage capacities, and permeability. Through groundwater modeling and subsurface flow simulation, ESPL can give you this information about any site in terms of quality and quantity.
  • Feasibility of Ground water supply in Rural Areas: Poor management, unclear laws, industrial and human waste have caused a water crisis in India that is exacerbated by the changing climate and continued population growth. Among the world’s leading industrial and emerging economies, India is the most vulnerable to future water stress. The implications of this water crisis extend beyond agricultural and industrial challenges. These severe shortages of water are also leaving many farmers unable to grow crops and provide food for their livestock. So, Rural Water supply through ground water is a common practice of stake holders. ESPL provide a complete feasibility study with a sustainable solution and recommendation for rural water supply. This involves potential zone from where water can extract and how to manage the water supply scheme.

Storm Water Management

Rainfall is the primary source of all fresh water on the earth. Rainfall, whether it flows out from the roof top or as a surface run-off, is always useful if it can be stored in sufficient quantity at a reasonable cost. It has been found that in areas endowed with reasonably good and well-distributed rainfall, sufficient water can be harvested from the roof top and stored in an underground tank for regular use. Since June 2001, the Ministry of Urban Development has made rainwater harvesting mandatory in all new buildings with a roof area of more than 100 sq. m. and in all plots with an area of more than 1000 sq. m., that are being developed. The Central Ground Water Authority (CGWA) has made rainwater harvesting mandatory in all institutions and residential colonies in notified areas (South and South-west Delhi and adjoining areas like Faridabad, Gurgaon, and Ghaziabad).

The ESPL team combines scientific backgrounds, construction knowledge and respect for the environment to provide a full range of installation, monitoring and maintenance services. ESPL provides you a plethora of services of storm water management which will help to manage storm water on your site as well as in your residential area. The services are:

  • Rain Water Harvesting and Artificial Recharge:Rainwater served as a measurable impact on your building’s operational efficiencies, allowing you to meet new mandates as well as your overall sustainability objectives. A site design that includes rainwater harvesting can assist you in gaining LEED certification, CGWA clearance as well as reflecting positively on your environmental footprint of water.
    • Phase I (Technical Feasibility Study): ESPL offers you to determine how much efficient your site area for Rain Water Harvesting is and what amount of water you can collect from the rain, what will beit's cost, what are the technical aspects etc. This study provides you a cost effective technical idea about your site regarding Rain Water Harvesting.
    • Phase II (Execution of Rain Water Harvesting Structure): Once you will take a decision to execute the Rain Water Harvesting in your site then ESPL will provide you the entire execution of Rain Water Harvesting, along with providing you Storage Tank, Recharge Tank, Check Dam or Seepage Dam as per your usage water and condition of the site.
    • Phase III (Assessment the Impact of Rain Water Harvesting Structure in Quality and Quantity aspects): ESPL offers a value-added service to show you how much efficient your Rain Water harvesting Structure is and assess impacts on ground water quality and quantity in your site. It will help you to determine the efficiency of your Recharge structure and help you to manage your water in your premises.
  • Water shed management: ESPL now comes up with providing services linked with watershed management. We offer complete holistic solutions right from the conception to completion of a project. We believe that conserving the environment and its resources is based on a thorough understanding of all the aspects related to the same. Our team of expert will help you to restore and sustain water as a natural resource in your project area. The main areas we work on in watershed management are planning and utilization of watersheds in terms of storm water runoff, water supply, water quality and drainage, Micro & Macro Watershed Analysis, Water Budget & Balance studies.
  • Water Quality Analysis: At ESPL, we offer a variety of services in the area of Water Quality Analysis. We provide project specific guidance on water quality assessment and remediation related to the water assessment issue. Our water quality services include water sampling, Water Quality and Sediment Sampling and Analysis, Storm water Sampling, Nonpoint Source Pollution Assessments, and basic water quality testing for potable water. We help deliver efficient and reliable water quality analysis.
  • Water Auditing: We at ESPL, have a team, which specialises in water conservation and water auditing. In order to make your system more water efficient, we do a site visit and inspect all the various ways in which you can save water. Our team will look at various aspects such as various water fitting, plumbing fixtures, and metering errors. From the detailed assessment, we look into the problem and come with a comprehensive report with all the possible solutions and remediation strategies to conserve more water. The purpose of this report would be providing a road map to the client which can help him to have a better water management plan, with greater savings both ecologically and economically.
  • Water Budgeting: Water Budgets prepared by our experts will give an insight to the client about his water usage, it will help to set quantitative hydrological targets (e.g. water allocation, recharge rates, etc.), aid in making informed decisions regarding the design of environmental monitoring programs and to assist in setting targets for water conservation. Water budgeting will help the client to manage water targets efficiently. We will provide complete solutions to indoor and outdoor water budgeting.

Remote Sensing and GIS

ESPL also provide the value-added services in the field of Remote Sensing and GIS. We provide some services related to water in the field of remote sensing and GIS, which are

  • Watershed Development Using Remote Sensing and GIS
  • Geomorphological Mapping.
  • Hydrological Mapping

Environmental compliance is an integral part of a successful business in the wake of rising environmental norms and standards. Earthood's auditing and certification services will provide you with third-party verification of your organisation's green initiatives.

Services included:

  • Health safety and environmental audit
  • Solid / Hazardous Waste Management
  • Site Investigation
  • Site Remediation
  • Health and Safety Policy Development
  • Risk Mitigation and Management
  • Risk identification & Consequence Assessment / Job Safety Analysis (JSA development)
  • Process Safety Management (OHSAS)
  • Flammable and combustible dust modeling and design

Ambient air quality of your workplace not only affects the health of your employees but also their productivity and thus your profits. We can design and implement a monitoring plan specific to each pollutant that affects human health. Various services offered for Air Quality Management are:

Air Pollution Monitoring

  • Indoor Air Quality Monitoring
  • Ambient Air Quality Monitoring

Air Pollution Mitigation

  • Indoor Air Pollution Mitigation
  • Outdoor Air Pollution Mitigation