Assistance to SFAC

SFAC, Small Farmers Agribusiness Consortium which is one of the implementing agencies working to promote and execute the Centre’s scheme of Formation & Promotion of 10,000 FPOs. National Level Project Management Advisory and Fund Sanctioning Committee (N-PMAFSC) has allocated numerous FPOs to SFAC for the in a phased manner. As an empanelled CBBO, Earthood assists the SFAC for implementation of programs, cluster identification, doing baseline surveys, developing rating tools, value chain studying and doing community mobilization.

Formation and Operation of FPOs

As a CBBO, Earthood works to organize and execute awareness campaigns wherein it mobilizes farmers, understands land holding patterns and identifies produce cluster areas. Earthood also assists in FPO registrations and makes agreements with farmers, define rules, performs registrations with ROC and completes due diligence. Preparation of business plans, estimating OPEX & CAPEX, liabilities, etc., arranging cash flows for operations and estimating revenues and managing expenditures are a part of the service bouquet.


Training & Capacity Development of FPOs

Earthood considers it its duty to enhance the outreach of FPOs by conducting frequent training and capacity development programmes for the members. Our team has undertaken activities including identification of training needs, developing modules and organizing trainings. Our agricultural experts have also promoted team building and have conducted many exposure visits with farmers and have shown exceptional understanding in product branding for their clients.

Market Linkages for FPOs

As a CBBO, Earthood has illustrated great success in linking the producers, buyers and exporters and enhancing global connectivity by bridging the gap between various stakeholders. We assist in scaling the production and develop supply chains for farmers. Our tech savvy team has created many connections on online platforms and is on toes in accessing the most advanced technologies.


Knowledge Transfer
for FPOs

Earthood has a highly qualified and diverse team of agricultural experts with more than two decades of experience in this field. Earthood acts as a crop management advisor and helps in development of own seed banks, processing, storage and packaging units. We also provide incubation / hand holding services and have always held strong interactions with various stakeholders.

Financial Management
for FPOs

Donning the hat of a Financial Manager for the FPOs, Earthood helps its clients in getting Equity Grants and Credits, maintains accounts and secures legal compliances and performs regular monitoring of team performance and funds.

Direct Access to Quality Buyers By Effective Market Linkages
— Mr. Arvind K. (CEO, Lawad Sabji Producer Co. Ltd)
You have opened a whole new world for us. We never thought that farmers can get direct access to such a profile of clients ever, but with your efforts on market linkages, we are at a far more comfortable position dealing with quality buyers of our produce. Dhanyavaad bhaisaahab!

Development through Upliftment
— Ch. Ilam Singh Poswal (President, Kisan Welfare Club of Karnal)
We realised the importance of training and coaching when it comes to continual improvement, only by the help and able guidance of Earthood. We always consult our CBBO team whenever we have any doubts to clarify or wish to learn more about a subject. We feel educated, uplifted and stronger with Earthood’s team around us. Aashirwad aur shubhkaamnaayein!